Monday, 23 March 2009

Oddities and Curiosities

These safety goggles were undoubtedly designed by someone who loved the old bi-planes with the open cockpits. Can't you just see The Geek, wearing a long, white silk scarf barnstorming on the prairies?
We had never seen such a selection of in-line water heaters. Here, few people have even heard of them.

The outside of the door overlaps the frame. Hinges, throws and strikeplates are all tucked behind this extra bit of door.

I'm not sure how well the relief carving will show up, but this is one fancy ceiling for a bicycle store.

The Smart Forfour. Not nearly as cute as the Fortwo we were driving.

Another use for rocks that are laying about. Seating and sculptures.

For those people who like to stand up when they ride. This bicycle is operated by pumping your feet.
Is Ikea really another religion? Some people might say yes.This Ikea gets its own entry on a street sign.

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