Saturday, 28 March 2009

Oddities and Curiosities Part 2

Concrete railway ties. Not the creosote-treated wood I am accustomed to.Need a mouse? Maybe two? One of two rows of this basic computer necessity. (Is it 'mice' or 'mouses'?)
A house in the country perhaps? The Geek says it is so expensive because it is on the edge of Potsdam next to a wooded area. I sure hope that makes it worthwhile.

A Swarkovski crystal encrusted model of a Lamborghini, perhaps? At this price, you could get two!
Do you want just one pickle? Now you can buy just one pickle. That KaDeWe thinks of everything!
These eggs aren't dyed. This is their real colour.
A chocolate castle. Someone has a lot more patience than I do.
Away from the extravagant.
These sloping escalators are quite common. And quite fun. If you are walking fast enough, they pretty much launch you across the room when you reach the end.

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