Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Liquor? Lecker!

There have been moments of confusion, to say the least, with my limited understanding of the German language. Thankfully nothing was serious enough to cause an international incident.
We went out for supper with The Geek's friend Peder, who, during the course of the meal said what I understood to be 'Liquor?' I shook my head. He looked surprised and I wondered if manners demanded that I should say yes to the offer of a drink.
Turns out what he had said was 'Lecker?' which means, "Is it tasty?' That, it most definitely was.

You cannot ask for tap water in a restaurant. Everyone serves mineral water. Even in most private homes, that seems to be the water of choice. Sometimes even carbonated mineral water, which I think is even worse. The mineral water seems to make my teeth fuzzy and the bubbles make me even thirstier. All the pity since all the tap water I tasted in Germany tasted pretty good.

Dogs, if well behaved, are allowed pretty much anywhere. Shops, restaurants, get the picture.

In most places, if the streets are narrow, you are allowed to park all or part of your car on the sidewalk. That only makes sense, and would work here if they didn't make the curbs so prohibitively high.

Milk is only used in coffee and tea. I stopped for lunch one day and asked for a glass of milk to go with my sandwich. This caused a brief flurry of discussion before they handed me my glass. The lovely girls in the bakery had no idea how to deal with such a strange request, so they steamed it for me. It was so hot, while I waited for it to cool I felt I had to have a pastry. Just to justify my use of the table, of course!

Apparently the Smart is still a novelty in Europe too. No one called it 'the car'. It was always 'the little car', 'the little Smart', or 'the little Smart car'.
Mr D had to sit in it to see if he would fit. He did, but because he was so tall, he had to push the seat waaaay back.

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