Monday, 28 September 2015

Impressions of Istanbul - Part 5

...and one dog (actually, we saw about six and most of them looked something like this.)

Galata Tower
Cardboard recycling
the old part of Istanbul

looking toward the Asian side of the Bosphorus
incredibly crowded streets
gutters on the edge of the streets
an old house that likely will be torn down. Currently the whole block is for sale if you are interested.

Impressions of Istanbul - Part 4

Same map, different languages.
Very steep streets.

Narrow stairs.
Tea time is a big thing.
All sorts of tea sets.

Taksim Square
Vintage streetcar.

We had tea

and baked rice pudding.
We could have had dessert sushi.

An interesting table top.
A shop full of...stuff.

An uphill climb.

Even more cats.
Very colourful graffiti.
Laundry day.
Very creepy shoes.
Another store full of...stuff.
A tricycle with an interesting propulsion unit.
Another place to stop and chat. And have tea.
A street of music stores.
Instrument tools.

A store of guitar-like instruments.

Impressions of Istanbul - Part 3

Sleeping cats.

Not a place for the physically or visually impaired.
Scooters are considered pedestrians.
Goods are mostly moved by trolley.
Trucks stop and unload anywhere. Other vehicles politely wait until they are done.

Spice market.
The bridge linking the two European sides.
Fishing from the bridge. One can mind several rods with this gadget.
Tackle shop on the bridge including live bait.

View from the bridge.

From the bridge looking the other way.
Floating restaurants along the shore.
Skyline including the Galata tower
A whole street of hardware stores.

  This one sold various types of wire mesh,

 electrical supplies,

hand and power tools,
taps and plumbing fittings,
bathroom fixtures,
itty bitty sinks,
and alley to more tool shops,
the next tool street.