Saturday, 26 March 2011

Permanent Speedbumps

Last fall, the city paved the lane. A few weeks later, after a rain, potholes appeared. Someone came, threw some asphalt into the holes, and packed them with the wheels of a truck.
In years past, when the spring potholes made their appearance, the city would come and grade the lane, smoothing it out, however temporary.
That won't be happening this year.

Turning Into a Hobby

Ever since she found the lathe discarded on a street, the Geek has been practicing her wood turning.

She made this kaleidoscope while visiting friends in Calgary.
And this little container and stitch ripper.

Snow Prisms

Yesterday Ispent a few hours sitting in the back yard, bundled up, reading a book. I really enjoyed the refracted light put out by all the crystallized snow. Too bad one can't capture the colours and sparkles in a photograph. Or maybe you just need the right kind.

The Prototype; Optimism Abounds

The last time we went to the farm, the Geek brought back some of the dried planks.
The planks are destined to become cupboard doors.
And here is an idea of how they will look.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Isn't This Cheery?


I especially like the part about temperatures remaining well below normal. Harumph.

A Little Rain

Anytime Environment Canada predicts rain in March, I am never pleased, (not that they had anything to do with the creation of the weather) since it always makes things so wretchedly slippery.
However, the weather warnings for today make me wonder if they didn't estimate properly the amount we would be having.

And I thought the Arctic Sea and Hudson Bay would be frozen at this time of year! Find your canoes and lifejackets!!