Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The Farms

Pastor Sigurðsson met us early Monday morning to show us the farms where Gram's greatparents were from. Had I known the farms all have signposts on the highway, we could have found them ourselves, but then we would have missed out on the history.

This is Ðórisdalur where Rafnkel Benediktsson, Gram's paternal grandfather was born. The farm was abandoned by the last resident in the 1950s after a dispute with the propery owner.
It is quite a sizeable farm with large areas for grazing and the sheep seen here are owned by Sigurður who owns the hostel.
Hvammur was home to Gudrun Jonsdottir, Rafnkel's future wife. After they were married they moved to Valskogsne, a farm we did not see.
The original buildings may have been over to the left of this picture. The current residents of the farm were not home, so we could not ask questions.
My notes area a little sketchy as to who came from here, but I think it was Gram's maternal grandmother. It has lovely big fields that run down to the sea.
An older man and a younger school age boy live here (the pastor also drives a school bus) but they weren't around either when we visited.

These bottle-lambs didn't care who we were, they just wanted to be fed. They came full tilt across the field when they saw us, only to be stopped dead in their tracks when they hit the fence. I'm amazed it stopped them. Judging by the number of sheep we saw on the roads and in the ditches, fences to very little to keep them penned in.

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