Monday, 28 June 2010

Weed Control Experiment # 1: Boiling Vinegar

The parking pad is becoming full of weeds. I have heard from several different sources that boiling vinegar is a good way to permanently kill weeds and prevent their re-growth. Since the parking pad is the only place where we don't want green stuff growing, I figured I would try my experiment there.I poured about one and one half cups of very hot vinegar in a random pattern on these weeds. I'm curious about what will happen.

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  1. I've used boiling water and straight vinegar, but I've never boiled the vinegar! Both are fine weed killers - but don't have the 'instant' effective of some herbicides. I've always found with vinegar that having the sprayed material in a sunny area seems to help, so maybe for shade boiling the vinegar will really help! I'll be waiting with interest for your assessment!!