Saturday, 20 February 2010

We Looked Shipwrecked

We were very happy to get back from our fishing expedition. Not that we necessarily spent a great deal of time fishing. K and I ended up quite seasick. I am obviously a very poor Viking, despite my extensive time at sea (back and forth on the ferry between Dover and Calais and between Victoria and Salt Spring Island and two whale watching capers, one on each coast).

The trip back to Playa del Carman was rough and we were horribly wet from the waves crashing over the bow of the boat, but that didn't bother us; it was the bobbing around like a cork while we were casting at anchor.

Lee slept the whole trip back, wrapped in a towel, dry and snug under a rain poncho.

Our guides caught a few fish, but we just ended up feeding them, gentle Canadians that we are.

We went ashore for lunch and explored.

There were many shells to photograph, washed in from the reef.

An optimistic pelican, one of many that follow the tourist fishing boats.
And a conch shell that Ruzter found in the scrub and carried around for at least 15 minutes, only to drop it when a two-foot snake came slithering out.

A good day and a great lunch. I've never had grilled barracuda before.

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