Thursday, 18 February 2010

A Tulum Tour, a Shore Lunch and Two Cenotes

A panoramic view of Tulum from near the north gate.
The Cenote House.The four of us standing in front of the cenote, with the Cenote House behind and above.

The cenote was of great importance to this walled community as the only supply of fresh water. The occupants of the Cenote House were of great stature, given the importance of the water supply.
The view from the eastern gate.

The beach gave access to the village. The Maya were a seagoing people, but did not like to be far from shore, or, for superstitious reasons, out in after dark. Tulum is one of the places they would overnight on their voyages.
El Palacio. When the Mayans renovated, they built on top of the existing structure.

Templo del Dios Viento.
From Tulum we went to the Grand Cenote.

Here I am skulking along the surface inside the cave.The Geek dives amongst the bubbles.
Tree roots grow through the limestone, searching for water, and dangle into the cave.

Lee did not like the water, so K handed her off to Ruzter while she enjoyed herself.

There must have been something 'interesting' in the water in the cenote as it peeled most of the paint from my camera.
This is what my camera looked like before I left.After the cenote we went to a nearby beach were we enjoyed a short swim,
then warmed up out of the wind while we waited for lunch.
After enjoying grilled chicken, guacamole and the best bananas ever, we went on to Cenote Azul.

This cenote had different varieties of fish,

and many fossils in the limestone.

We took the tour with a company called Yucatreks and our guide was a great fellow named Eder. If you ever want a tour in Playa del Carman, I would highly recommend them.

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