Wednesday, 17 February 2010

A Warm Carnival

We arrived in Playa del Carman about 6 hours before Ruzter and K were due to arrive.

We took the opportunity to check out our room (it was huge),

and took some time to lounge on the balcony

before heading out to explore.

Speed bumps are very different here.

We had supper, and then did some window shopping. One shop had some beautifully coloured lights.

This restaurant had lovely, colourful tablecloths and interesting sculptures on their roof.

And when we were heading back to the hotel, we heard a percussion band and found a parade heading our way.
We had forgotten it was Shrove Tuesday, and the last night of Carnival in many places.
This was a fun, family oriented parade.

All ages and genders danced down the street.

A great way to start a vacation!

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