Tuesday, 1 September 2009

It's Either Mildew or Slugs

The zucchini plant, upon which I pinned so many hopes has powdery mildew. Drat!

This caused all the little baby zucchini to abort (die, wither, rot, you pick the word).

So this morning I pulled the whole plant out of the ground and found that the one zucchini fruit that had developed an immunity to the mildew, had been eaten by slugs. You can see one of the little wretches on the bottom of what is left of the zucchini. It is all in the trash can now.

Removing the zucchini has made some more room for the acorn squash, which is unaffected by the mildew and is growing vigorously. So vigorously that when I moved some of the vine, which in this picture is smothering the raspberry canes, I found another tomato plant.

And I have no idea what plant this is. I planted it, but must have pressed 'erase' after because I have no recollection whatsoever of what it might be. I wonder if it is a different variety of cosmos?

(The second picture is of the same plant as the first, I just happened to have the flash on and liked the effect.)

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