Saturday, 26 September 2009

Pembina Hills

The Geek and I spent the afternoon in the Pembina Hills at Pembina Valley Provincial Park with my sister C, her husband JP, the nephews and JP's brother, Uncle Ribbet.

The day started started on the cool side but quickly warmed up.

A small tributary of the Pembina River, remarked upon by N2 and the Geek
C looks ahead.
The Pembina River itself.
A view of the Pembina Valley.

JP carrying N3 accompanied by N1. JP undoubtedly had the best workout as he carried N3 for the better part of the 6.5 kilometer hike.

A canola field.

N2, C, N1, JP, N3, Sox and the Geek at the first picnic area waiting for Uncle Ribbet and Dy. We eventually gave up and continued on our way.

Here we all are again at the end of the hike. Uncle Ribbet waited for Dy, who we later dicovered was very lost, in the parking lot for the whole three hours we were gone.

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