Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Stay-cation day Trip

I noticed a great deal of canola still blooming on my day-trip south of Winnipeg. The smell of the flowers filled the cab but that is not a good sign, considering how little summer we have left.

These sunflowers seemed to be doing better.

and this grain is starting to ripen.

I stopped at the bakery in Grunthal and bought some oatmeal and date cookies.

It is really a good thing I have never had aspirations of being a hand-model. My hands are definitely on the sturdy side.

I marvelled at the collection of tractors that this farmer, just east of Morris, has on display. I am not sure if he was getting ready for a sale, or if he finds this the best way to store them.

The Red River is flowing tranquilly northward. It is hard to believe that just a few months ago it was escaping its banks and causing havoc wherever it went.

The Red River Floodway also does not show the weeks of heavy use it had this year.

I am quite sure tho' that those people in the towns and on individual properties in Southern Manitoba have not forgotten their very tense siege behind their ring dikes. For some of them, they were cut off from the outside world for over six weeks; if they were able to get out, it was by boat.

I stopped at the Mennonite Central Committee Thrift stores in a few towns. We have been fans of the MCC for years, and I wanted to buy some wool pants for a felting experiment. As much as I am loathe to think about it, winter will be back sooner than we think.

So I found two pair of mens trousers (apparently women in Manitoba don't wear wool) and a sweater for The Geek.

And of course, there were a few other things that couldn't be left behind.

Five drinking glasses, a pillowcase, a handbag, a bandana, three knitting books, two cloth carriers, two packets of brass trim, and a cute, tiny little red purse. All purchased for the princely sum of $15.55.

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