Sunday, 16 August 2009

Just a Quiet Sunday

This morning I decided I would have to pick the peas and beans in the garden, even if it was wet. We may not have a dry day for awhile.

I also picked some tomatoes and some late raspberries, but those didn't make it into the house.

I went to an Urban Farmers' Market at the Riverview Community Club. There weren't many vegetables, but if I had wanted jewellery, a baby sling or some chain mail, I would have been in the right place.

I didn't buy anything there, but I did find this pitcher at an estate sale. I couldn't decide if it was unbelievably ugly, or incredibly cute, but it made me smile, and that was good enough.

I'm going to keep it in my sewing room where it can hold all my little sewing gadgets.

And I think I may have gotten rid of the fruit flies! Just don't be surprised at what I have hidden in the microwave.

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