Saturday, 15 August 2009

I Must Finish What I Have Started...

Yesterday I visited the Costume Museum at its new location on Pacific Avenue. I haven't been there for years; in fact, I was only there once, when they were still in Dugald.

I liked the display of luggage they had in one corner.

As far as clothing goes, I was born at the wrong time. I love most of the pre-1970s styles.

I was all inspired to go home and make a dress much like this one, but thankfully, guilt/common sense kicked in and I convinced myself to finish off some projects I have been working on for awhile.

Such as;

New summer curtains for the Geek's bedroom. At least she will get a few months wear out of them before we have to put up the flannel ones again.

And pillowcases for her bed. She likes her square European pillow, but pillowcases for those European pillows are hard to find here. We have found some in the past at Ikea, but that is not handy at the moment.

I also finished some light coloured cyclettes I have had in the works since spring.

I might have finished a dress I cut out on Father's Day, but then around 1715 sister C. and her husband, J., came over with their boys.

C. had called around 1500 hours asking if I would mind having the nephews visit while she and J. went out for her birthday supper. Sewing can wait; the kids will only be little once.

We had fun going to the playground and 'playing' Blokus and with the Spirograph. Then they hopped on the computer to check their Webkinz. We had to call the Geek in Calgary at one point to get the combination for the game case. She even suggested I had planned to have the boys over while she was away so I could have them all to myself.

They were all much more spunky than I was when their parents came to get them at 2230. (My excuse being I was up at 0500.)

Of note: For those of you interested in environmentally friendly home heating; three boys can, in the space of about three hours, raise the temperature of a house by 1.5°C. And this was with all the windows open on an 18°C evening.

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