Wednesday, 5 November 2008

I Just Don't Get It

On part of my drive home today I found myself next to an SUV with two adults who looked like they had picked up their children on the way home from work. There was no sign of luggage in the back of the car.
I mention this because this SUV had screen in the back of the front seat headrests and both children appeared to be watching a cartoon.
Now I can see how these little 'TVs' in a car would be a godsend on a really long trip, but surely you can think of ways to entertain your children on a 20ish minute trip home at the end of the day.
Who is to blame here? Do the parents not know how to interact with their children? Are they not curious about how they spent their day and what they may have learned? Do the children have such little imagination that they can't entertain themselves for a few minutes in a vehicle? Do they have to be spoon-fed 'thoughts' at all times?
I know that all kids aren't being raised this way so I definitely feel for the ones who are. Especially since that is the generation that will be making decisions when the day comes when I am no longer able to do so for myself.

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  1. It's a way for us as a civilization to make ourselves dumber and enjoy it while we do it.