Saturday, 8 November 2008

Equality, Eh?

When it comes to most things in Canada, men and women are pretty much equal.
There are some areas tho' where I think the guys have it sooo much better (and I am not talking about that whole 'peeing in the bushes' thing).
I was in a department store one time and the directory said Womens' Lingerie and Mens' Furnishings. Now, don't 'furnishings' sound a whole lot more comfortable than 'lingerie'?
The same story was played out again today. We stopped at MEC while we were downtown as The Geek wanted to look at a bigger bicycle helmet to wear over a toque. I figured I would look at wool underwear, (not the long john variety) as the older I get, the colder I get. The womens' underwear hardly looked big enough to keep any part of you warm whereas the mens looked very cosy. I felt somewhat cheated by the whole arrangement, so I bought the mens.

I have to show you two random examples and ask which one you would prefer to wear and be comfortable.
The mens pair (and I may ask at another time why one piece of underwear is called a pair)

or the womens pair (if there is even enough here to be called a pair)?

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  1. Same thing with pants. You can't go into a store and ask for a pant or people look at you strangely.