Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Four Stars Who Deserve Five Stars

With all the things that have not gone according to plan, mention must be made of those people and their companies who went beyond expectations, since, it seems, merely doing your job does not happen anymore.
In order of appearance...

Randy, the very knowledgeable and sympathetic owner of WC Potts -not only did Randy sell us the towel rack and all the correct accompanying parts to install it, he also was the man who had the right toilet when the other one was not...suitable. He has also been a wealth of information when it came to where to find rust-inhibitor for the boiler system and for any other questions we had.

Brian, of Brian Sheridan the Window Man, one of the last independent window companies in Winnipeg. He stopped by to measure the window on his way to work. When it was ready his installer showed up, put it in (it fit perfectly by the way) and things have been good ever since.

Debby, of Schluter Systems who sent this response to Tina when Tina, in an email to Schluter, was bemoaning the lack of Kerdi-Fix in Winnipeg.
"Hello Tina, I am sorry to hear about your problem trying to obtain our products. I will send you a tube of KERDI-FIX compliments of Schluter Systems. I will send it by Fed-ex today. You should have it in a few days.
Best regards,
Debby T
Customer Service
Schluter Systems"
Tina gratefully declined the offer since by that point, we had obtained the needed Kerdi-Fix.

Harry of Industrial Water Treatments who gave us a gallon of rust-inhibitor. From his residence since he had brought it home from the 'office'. And refused payment since he said they don't usually deal with residential installations.

A most honourable mention must be made for Burly, the plumber. He had initially said he would do the bathroom for Tina, but his daughter was involved in a serious accident, so he has not been taking on any work beyond his regular job. He has been most helpful with telephone consultations and advice.

We are very appreciative of them all.

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