Saturday, 1 November 2008

Hallowe'en at the Pumpkin Patch

We went to friends' in Niverville on Hallowe'en night to help them with their annual interactive display.
The local kids (and adults) take great delight in being frightened in the haunted tour. This year the theme revolved around snakes, last year, dinosaurs and the year before, spiders. The Geek and I were some of the living props.

Kids are amusing. Some would be walking by and I would leap up from where I was draped over a chair and roar. Shrieks, screams and a great deal of teenage bravado would result. " I knew you were real!", " You didn't scare me, dude."," High -five, dude", and the oddest of all, "You smell like pork."
In all, about 290 treats were handed out, and at least 500 people went through the display.

The mom spent the day carving all these pumpkins-she said that evening that her hand was a 'little sore'. I can see the creative juices flow strongly in that family.

And apparently The Geek has developed an affinity for Tyvek suits.

We will post more pictures when we get them.

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