Friday, 26 September 2008

A Rose by any Other Name

may still smell just as sweet, but just because something is 'white' doesn't mean it is the same 'white' as the other 'white' in the shipment.

I left work early today to meet The Geek at Dynasty Bath where she was paying for the tile so we could go to Olympia Tile to pick it up. We arrived at Olympia about 13 minutes before they closed and started to check the tile, since some of the boxes were broken open. Some tiles were damaged so The Geek went to talk to the sales staff, while I checked the special edging pieces.
At some point, I noticed the edge pieces, which could best be described as 'bone', were not the same colour as the main tiles, which are distinctly white. Apparently just because you order a particular style of tile, in our case Maple Leaf, there is no guarantee that the trim pieces will be the same shade of white as the tile. This is what happens when you cannot buy from a wholesaler, but have to act through an intermediary. The sales staff at Olympia could have told us, where as the people at Dynasty probably didn't know that nifty little detail.
The whole order stayed at Olympia tile, and we are back at square one. Tomorrow we go and get our money back from Dynasty.

The saga continues....

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