Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Bathroom Reno Phase 4:The Rented Toilet

And I don't mean a port-a-pottie.

While no laws were broken, we did make it from the house to the corner of St. James Street and Ellice Avenue in 20 minutes during rush hour.
Randy, the very nice proprietor of WC Potts, who undoubtedly winced when we raced in the door 10 minutes before closing,'rented' us a bowl until he can (hopefully) get a new one in from Chicago.

Since the new stack and drain are already installed, which is why we found out that the bowl didn't fit in the first place, it just has to be hooked up.

And, in the 'what were they doing?!' category, this piece of concrete is in the bathroom floor between the old outlet and the stack. Why that one place doesn't have shiplap is anyones guess.

And, of further note, the fellows who were to bring and install the new window did not show up. Apparently they were having vehicle trouble and will come tomorrow around 0900.

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  1. Can they do that, rent a toilet?? Who gets to be so lucky as to buy it after?