Sunday, 21 September 2008

Bathroom Reno Phase 7: Drywall Up; Mortar Down

Whatever drywall that can be installed before we seat the tub is done.
The capricious fates paid us remarkably little attention with this phase allowing us to put the holes for outlets, fans and radiator connections in the right places, not the opposite end. However, they did show up for a few moments this morning and hid the crowbar. We were certain we hadn't put it inside the wall but The Geek pulled out most of the screws and we peeked behind the drywall just to be sure. At that point the fates giggled and put the crowbar pretty much in plain view on the scaffolding.
I expect they will be less whimsical next time.The Geek has also put mortar in the holes in the floor left by various and sundry pipes.

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