Monday, 18 February 2008


I have decided I have mental claustrophobia. The Geek and I went to the Venado Caves on Friday (February 15) afternoon.
This is the entrance to the caves. Apparently the farmer, who owns/ed the property on which the caves sit, discovered them by accidentally falling into them.
Some of the creatures who call the cave home.

Jenny and Todd from Orange County, California with Todd threatening to eat a scorpion.

Since I am such a control freak, I couldn't stand the thought of not be able to find my own way out should something happen to the guide.

Never the less, if you can measure fun by the number of bruises acquired. I had a ball. No, really it was a cool experience as some of the mineral formations are amazing, but I can cross it off the list of things I may ever want to do

I am looking slightly crazed in this picture. I am wearing borrowed clothes and they had their own personality. Plus the previously mentioned control freak was having trouble and was ready to leave...10 minutes earlier.

Here is the exit. I was verrryyyy happy to see it!

Here are the bruises, one week later..

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