Sunday, 24 February 2008


The roads in Costa Rica are interesting.

Example 1: Some roads are paved but they are relatively new and confined to the extreme touristy areas. I didn't feel they warranted a picture.

Example 2: This is not a dry stream bed. This is an example of most of the roads. It tends to cut down on speeders and the number of gears required in any given vehicle. (Reverse, 1st and 2nd are all that are really used on this type of road).

Example 3: What can I say. This one is largely composed of tree roots. I suppose one would only need one forward and one reverse gear for this type of road tho' since I don't know if we ever drove on one, I shouldn't be saying that. It may be less rough than the 'gravelled' road.Extreme care must be taken when going around corners (and there are many of them) as one tends to drive on the 'smoothest' part of the road irrelevant of whether you are on the 'right' side or not.
I guess our bumpy roads and streets are pretty good by comparison.

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