Monday, 18 February 2008

Los Dos Amigas

We thought it would be fun to take a taxi, ferry, and horseback ride from Arenal to Monteverde. The picture above is the view from the ferry.
After we landed, a fellow in a jeep picked us up and we went bouncing down one of Costa Rica's speed-reducing roads. After about 15 minutes, he stopped on top of a weir, got out and locked the hubs, then got back in a put the jeep into 4 wheel drive. Tho' that caused a bit of trepidation (I mean, how much worse could it get) the trail across the pastures was not nearly as rough as the roads had been.

I haven't been on a horse for at least thirty years. Compound that with a bum knee and a sprained ankle (I slipped in the shower) I was very stiff the next day.

The views were amazing, but I could not photograph them properly as my horse always wanted to be 'first' and I had to constantly keep her from breaking into a run.
This is the view of the Arenal volcano and a bit of Arenal lake from the opposite side. The top of the volcano is shrouded in cloud.

It was a pity tho' that the guide did not speak English as we had a great many questions. I also would have like photographic evidence of us on horseback.

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