Saturday, 3 April 2010

Garage Sale Season is Now Officially Open

We had a bit of snow this morning, thankfully not the 5-10 cm the weather forecasters were calling for, and it had pretty much melted by noon.I went down the Crescent to my first garage sale of the season.
While I was checking out the goods for sale I saw an Art Deco-esque bedroom suite 'hidden' in one of the downstairs bedrooms.
I left thinking that if was still there if I came back later, I would buy the headboard and footboard.
When I went back with the Geek it was still there, and I bought all five pieces.
The Geek has kindly offered to glue down any loose pieces of the veneer and give it a dose of 'weed and feed' (wood finish feeder).
I'll post some pictures of the finished product then, as well as the new cushion for the dressing table bench.

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