Saturday, 2 August 2008

I Have a Cracked Scull

This is Grace, my 1981 Kaschper wooden scull, upside down on stretchers. While I have never contemplated why they were called stretchers, it seem appropriate in this case. Just to the left, or sternward, of the PFD (dangling underneath) Grace has a crack that needs some cosmetic surgery to make her watertight again. While not as impressive as some of the cracks The Geek fixed last spring, this is pretty good. I'm not sure if this crack is a result of aging (Grace is 27 years old, after all) or from my bumping the dock a little too hard on Wednesday morning. I thought the bow ball (seen at the extreme right, or bow end, of the boat) had taken most of the impact, but since I didn't find the crack until Thursday morning, I will never know for sure.

I do wish to point out that I know how to fix Grace myself, but as with changing the oil in my truck or performing pericardiocentesis (both of which I also know how to do), there are some things best left to the experts.

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