Sunday, 17 August 2008

Bathroom Reno Phase 1: Finding the Studs

This was how the bathroom looked just before we started.

We noticed that tiles were already used at least once in this room.

First collect the necessary tools
The drill, ride-on shop-vac and reciprocating saw.

Drill a pilot hole with the drill, then cut out the piece to be removed with the saw while using the vacuum to control the worst of the dust. Be careful when drilling not to go through the dry wall on the other side.

Place the plug tightly in the drain to prevent debris from blocking the drain. The first time it wasn't tight enough and I pulled the plug into the vacuum cleaner.

The Geek uncovers the between-the-studs cabinet that she had discovered when she renovated her bedroom in 2003.

The cabinet is totally uncovered and removed.

And now The Geek is ready to move to the next step which is making a second cabinet and starting the cabinet for the sink.
The bathroom feels amazingly small without the mirror.

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