Sunday, 10 August 2008

First Bathroom Mock-up

The walls are largely transparent but Google Sketchup does not allow you to see through some fixtures, like the towel rack, toilet and bathtub, or apparently, more than one wall (which is why you can only see part of the window above the tub).Time (and the location of the studs) will tell how the room actually looks when we are done.


  1. Wow, that looks awesome (the sketch and the bathroom design!) Can't wait to see posts on the progress!

  2. Very cool sketch-up. How many hours?

  3. Darn, you caught me procrastinating. Yes, this probably took a little too long, but it was one way to stop fretting about how what kind of tile set-up would work. That would have stopped me from ordering them, and therefore slowed me down just the same.
    Also, it's a lot quicker to fix a foolish idea here than in real life.
    One interesting point re. the sketch: the outside walls are coloured transparent glass, the inside ones as they would be, using a pattern for the tile. Before I figured that out it was a real nuisance to work with because you were too confined by having to be "in" the bathroom to see inside it.