Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Garden Tomatoes

We had a lot more foliage than tomatoes this year, but the ones we did harvest have lasted a long time.

This is what was left yesterday after...
 ...I made this salad.

I bought a number of heirloom tomatoes from the daughter of the people who run Paseschnikoff Gardens at the St Norbert Farmers Market

Far too few of these.

Prolific and tasty

 I don't know that these ones are. Maybe the Manitoba tomato?
 The red cherry tomatoes below are Tumblers, but I couldn't find the tag for the purple ones. I am hoping I can remember the name when I go looking in the spring.
both tasty!
Some were more prolific than others, yellow pear tomatoes, I'm looking at you for sheer volume of juicy goodness.

 I harvested them October 14, in the dark, on  just before what I thought was a killing frost.
the first picking, not the last.
I'll never buy Roma tomatoes again. They consistently had blossom-end rot. So very annoying.

Next year I'll keep the foliage under control and hopefully have an even larger crop next fall.

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