Monday, 21 September 2015

Rowing on the Inn

On September 4 we got up early and drove to Rosenheim to go rowing with these two lovely fellows.
The Inn is a very fast, cold river with a high clay-sediment content making the river look silver; quite magical.
We also we in a type of boat we had never rowed before - a quintuple (or pentadruple if you prefer). It's a heavy boat so it rests on a two-wheeled cart.

Quite necessary since it's a long walk up the dike and over to the river.

They also have a sculling eight -an octuple? I would have really like to have tried that one. I love rowing an eight, but hate sweeping!
A (blurry shot of a) triple.
Our intrepid crew.

Oar washing station. The rubber mat keeps the oars from skittering away and the pegs on the top of the door prevents them from falling over.
Rowing trophies. This stretch of the Inn has many beaver.
Even The Geek's breakfast sausage was rowing themed -port-and-starboard end crimps.
The bridge on the Inn as seen from the Autoban. We rowed to this bridge and back.

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