Monday, 21 September 2015

Impressions of Bavaria and Salzburg

View of the Alps.
Tiny chapels everywhere.
Old fountains (Salzburg).

The Salzburg Dom.
Fortress Hohensalzburg in the upper background

Thousands of padlocks on the bridge over the Salzach.
The mountain is 'hollow'. The doors on the right instruct you to watch for emerging cars.

The metal doors near the top of the picture are the entry way to shafts where cars are stored.

Houses built into the side of the mountain.

A really big tree

Every town had this 'occupation' tree. Any town that had a butcher seemed to have a pig as its target animal. And the pigs are portrayed as being quite gullible. This pig is being petted while the butcher holds an axe behind her back. On another one I saw, the pig was smiling up at the butcher as he was bringing an axe down on the pig's head.

Colourful produce.

Lederhosen bathing suits
Chiemsee (way in the background)
Typical Bavarian house.
A 'sample' (as the menu put it) of Bavarian meats and cheeses. If this was a sample, I would not have wanted to see the meal version.
The Alps at sunset.
Sausage display.
Frankfurt city hall (taken at sunset on a cloudy day. It doesn't really look so goth).

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