Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The Moat

 Sunday evening we left a message at Bin There Dump That and on Monday Ginette, one of the owners, picked up the full bin and then brought it back empty. Because it was pure concrete (ie no garbage), and therefore considered 'clean fill' we did not have to pay the considerable tipping fee at the dump. (BTW we cannot say enough good things about Pam and Ginette at Bin There Done That. If you need a bin, rent from them.)
 We had it set down next to the back gate this time. We weren't getting any extra points for distance walked.
 It was a shame to break up this part of the sidewalk. It was very good concrete with lots of aggegate (is that red rock ochre? Neither the Geek nor I have ever seen ochre.)

As in, break jackhammer bits kind of good concrete.

And tons of 're-bar' re-enforcement.

As in, concrete spaghetti monster type of re-enforcement!

 Thankfully, the sidewalk did not have as many layers at this point.

We ran out of room in the bin at the same time the Geek ran out of patience with hammering* so there is one piece of the old sidewalk remaining, but it isn't in the way of future projects.

 The full bin was removed this evening and

all that is left is the re-bar,

and for the Geek to clean up her black boots (and we need to vacuum the house from all the tracked in mud). Yesterday, she asked me where I had put them because even she did not recognize them in their current state.

She even put up some caution tape at the back door. We have both 'forgotten' there  is a big step down right now. It was probably quite comical to see, but hopefully this will serve as a reminder before we do ourselves an injury.

* I am an inch too short to use the jackhammer for any length of time. Even the Geek says she would shorten the punch if she were to use it on a regular basis. I guess the people who build these things thinks every one who uses them should be over 5'8".

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