Wednesday, 29 May 2013


When I came home Monday night, the blossoms were all still curled up but when I went outside Tuesday morning, they had all leaped into bloom.

The apple* tree in the back yard.

 (I took this picutre today so there was more contrast.)

 The mystery tree in the front yard (I didn't want to put my shoes on again this morning to get a better contrast shot.)

My 'birthday' tulips in the front boulevard.

 However, the apple* tree beside the house has decided to sit this year out. I guess it is exhausted from the bumper crop it produced last year -the first apples in years.

 *I use the term apple loosely because these are extremely small, sour specimens. We've had people make jelly from them, but I'm not sure how that turned out. Maybe these are just ornamental apple trees that litter a lot. The back yard smells like a brewery in the fall from all the fruit fermenting on the ground.

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