Wednesday, 29 September 2010

No More Potholes

The city is fixing the back lane. I am not convinced that this is a good thing, since it will increase the number, and speed, of the cars that use it as a shortcut.

The old gravel has been scraped out and new rock put in place. It will eventually be topped with asphalt clippings or something like that. I could probably remember if I knew what it was.
The house has been vibrating all day.

We were told the lane would have pedestrian access during the construction, but I am not sure what pedestrian would want to navigate over current mess.

When we complained to Mayor Sammy, who came by campaigning the other day, that we were worried about the increased traffic he said he would look into our concerns. I'm waiting to see the outcome. All sorts of outcomes.

(As an aside, the Geek was up on the roof using a hose to clean the eavestroughing when the Mayor sauntered through the yard. He did not get the least bit wet, no doubt due to the Geek's great restraint.)

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