Saturday, 18 September 2010


It took eleven months, but the canoe we received last October has finally been launched. Tho' there have been many beautiful weekends this summer, somehow we just didn't get the canoe in the water. We even joked about bringing a pail of water back from rowing to throw on it, just to say it had gotten wet.
We're ok now.
We pushed off into the Seine River off John Bruce Road. Within minutes, my deltoids reminded me we had spent Tuesday in a wheelchair, but they loosened up.
The Seine is quite high for this time of the year, but there has been so much rain, all the rivers are high.
We haven't had a frost yet, but the leaves have started to turn colour.

The beaver have been busy. We wiggled and jiggled ourselves over their dam.
The geese are preparing to fly south, but they are enjoying their time on the Niakawa Golf Course until then. I wonder if goose poop is considered a golfing hazard?

We saw several deer. Nice to see, vexing for those people who find them in their gardens munching on the vegetables.
For this log jam, we had to get out.
After the log jam, the culture of the river changed. We found many shopping carts and bicycles dumped in the river. Maddening.
This little blue bike was small enough to fish out. It will undoubtedly serve as a donor for future bike related projects.
We pulled out at the Niakawa Road pedestrian bridge. Tina took her bike and went to get the truck while I dragged everything close to the street. The air was starting to cool down as I waited. It was a good way to spend the afternoon. Too bad about the trash in the river.

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