Saturday, 24 July 2010

Rootbeer Wrens

See this little rascal?
S/he, along with two siblings, are hanging out in a hollow section of the baler accessible by this cable outlet to the left of the yellow signal light.
Momma Wren did not make the best choice is a nesting location. Both parents and the babies were in quite a state when Dad brought the baler home after a few hours in the hayfield.

We didn't think they would survive eight hours in the field the next day, so we popped the lens out of the baler, the Geek cut a hole in a root beer bottle, I filled it with dried grass, and moved the little critters to their new home.
For such small birds, they have a lot of attitude.
I set the bottle on top of the gas tank close to the baler. The parents scolded me for ages but their chatter made the little birds chirp and the parents started feeding them right away.
I went to check on them the next morning and two were in the process of hopping out of the bottle and onto the tines of the spring. I'm glad I saw them leave, otherwise I might have thought the squirrels had killed them.

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