Thursday, 1 July 2010

Happy Canada Day

After engaging in some necessary home maintenance, we left to tour the three main Canada Day events in the 'Peg.

Some children were displaying their dancing skills at a PowWow at the Forks. They were having fun!
There was a huge crowd and it was difficult to make your way through the throng.

We did, however, notice this sign and thought, why not, it is for a good cause.
So we got ourselves some taaa-toooos!
We continued on to Assiniboine Park. It was much more peaceful here, tho' there were probably as many people.
After seeing what there was to see, we went home via Corydon Avenue and stopped for some sushi.

Happy Canada Day. I am so happy to live here!!

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  1. PS: the tatoos are just the stick-on variety and have since been washed off!