Saturday, 6 March 2010

Memory Aid

I have found it difficult to manage without a camera. Not impossible mind you, but my methods of remembering things changed. For the last couple of years, if I want to remember something, I took a picture-now I had to make sure I had a pen and something on which I could write.
Plus, I couldn't access any of the pictures on my card. The Geek brought her card-reader home from work, but the card wouldn't fit any of the ports. So we went to a store that prints pictures, stuck the card in their machine, and discovered that, thankfully, the card hadn't been fried when I destroyed the camera.Yesterday I went and bought a new one. A very nice young man at Black's price matched a sale I had seen elsewhere. And I have three months to find it on sale somewhere else, so I could potentially wind up with a better deal (I am such a Manitoban).

The new camera is the same size as the old one, but has an extra two megapixels, and you can now touch the side of the camera to change the flash and other features. I'll have to see how that works for me, twitchy person that I am.

I put the camera in a bowl of water just to make sure the seals were intact, and it seems to be fine. Admittedly there is considerably less pressure in two inches of water on my kitchen counter than there is at 15 feet, but at least I know that it is basically sound.

Now I can finish uploading pictures for previously started posts!

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