Monday, 8 March 2010

High to Dry

We, like most households, suffer from a lack of horizontal space to dry things. Since most sweaters need to be dried that way, that was becoming a problem.
Last summer, a neighbour across the street told the Geek about a crib she had seen put out in her back lane. She herself didn't need it, so the Geek went and picked it up.
Cleaned up, it makes an ideal drying rack. I had read about some houses having racks hung above their stoves and thought it would be a good use of space.

The rack has space for one or two sweaters dried flat.
The cords are drawn through eyebolts in the ceiling.

(these will have to be replaced with pulleys as the rack is hard to pull up).

A small fighter plane hangs from the point where all the cords meet.

And looped around a cleat on the window frame.

We still have one side of the crib to use up, so there may be another one made.

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