Saturday, 17 October 2009

A Steal of a Deal

A local garment making business recently decided to sell their industrial sewing machines. The Geek had been talking about getting one for awhile, so the opportunity was too good to pass up.

We now have a very heavy beastie in the basement. A fellow I with whom I work, and one of his friends helped us get it down the stairs. The Geek had taken the machine he bought to his house so they considered this a fair trade.

It has a pneumatic hookup. When attached to an air source, t can lift the presser foot and cut the thread when you step back on the treadle.

And the electronics are quite impressive. You can program it to automatically backstich at the end of a seam, and more. It runs on three-phase electricity but if we can't get that hooked up, it will just be a regular heavy duty machine. Which is fine.

I spent some time talking to the fellow who maintained these machines, and he seemed rather heartbroken that they were being sold. They definitely seem well looked after.

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