Sunday, 18 October 2009

Not on the Level

Today, after we hung the storm windows, The Geek went around the east side of the house to tighten the strapping on the rain barrel downspouts. They had been leaking all summer down the side of the house.
After she had finished that, she figured she would move the extra sand we had stored there. That is when she discovered the paving stones she had laid in 2004 had started tipping and were now angled toward the house.

So she pulled the ones against the house up and sloped them so that any water would not run into the foundation.
We had planned to go canoing today, but this was a job that needed doing and would have been terribly unpleasant if it was cold. We are now planning to try the canoe next Saturday.

We reached 16 beautiful degrees! What a great day to be outside.

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