Sunday, 26 July 2009

Two Grueling Months

The Geek noticed last night that the plastic hose cover on the pull out nozzle of the kitchen tap, installed around Victoria Day, had started to fray.
She took the tap unit out and after an extensive, but futile, search for the receipt, we were off we to Rona. At Home Depot, the lack of a bill of sale would have been no issue; they just look you up in their computer system. However at Rona, after a very long...discussion... they gave us a gift card.

We could not find any pull-out kitchen faucets at Rona that did not have the plastic hoses and only one model with a steel hose at Home Depot. We decided we could live with the HD one, and the rest is history.

I would much rather support a Canadian company like Rona, but they will have to so something about their customer service.

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