Friday, 10 April 2009

Deja Vu? Well, Maybe Not

The water is higher than Wednesday, but lower than yesterday. And this part of the river is free of larger chunks of ice.
The City put out a call last night for sandbagging volunteers as ice dams were placing houses on Kingston Row and Kingston Crescent at risk. Again.
So we wandered off down the street to help sandbag. Again.The plastic is rolled out for the base of the dike. This puppy helps hold it in place until some sandbags can be put down.
We threw sandbags for a little over an hour when word came down the line that the ice dam had given way, the floodway was fully operational, and that we could all go home. At first, everyone thought that was a joke and kept passing bags. Then the message came again, so we all packed it in. And crossed to the park in the center of the street for an impromptu block party.

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  1. I was really pleased to read about that today, I'm glad things are working out pretty well so far!