Sunday, 13 April 2008

Tool Therapy

Dale finds that I am happier when I have "tool therapy" regularly. If she's right, I will be one happy person this week. The weather was great here this weekend, and I spent most of my time making a mess in the garage.

Some old shelves got taken out of the basement when the pantry was fixed up, so I put those up in the garage. Before putting them up I covered the insulation the previous owners never finished with some of the left-over OSB.

Then I built some nesting boxes from further old wood. It seemed necessary to recycle the wood, since it had already been recycled - much of the old shelves in that basement were made from older wooden crates. On some of them you could still see the markings that they were used to ship chains.

To keep on the theme of recycling I used up some more old plywood and left-over OSB and an old storm window to make a cold frame for Dale's - ahem - business. ;-)

Finally, I made some stilts from a 2x4. The neighbour's kids had some when I was growing up and I always wanted some. These ended up with the step a bit higher than what is manageable, largely because the tops are underneath your armpits when you stand on them, which gives you not enough support. But, a good first prototype for under 5$, never mind I actually had all the parts here as leftovers.

When I was done I was so happily dusty that Dale urged me strongly to put my clothes straight into the washer and to get into the shower without bouncing around upstairs too much :-).

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