Wednesday, 19 December 2007

What Do TALL Women Do?

I am going to have an uncomfortable day.

My tights are too short.

Since I was dressing at the gym, I didn't have time to go home and get a different pair (or something else to wear).

It isn't that I didn't try to prevent this. I bought extra tall tights even tho' according to the specs. on the package I am a medium. Perhaps the manufacturers expect tall women to have pencil thin legs. Perhaps an extra petite found its way into the extra tall package. Perhaps I offended some clothing deity at some point in the recent past.
I was fairly certain when I started putting them on that they were a larger size since the foot part was quite big (apparently manufacturers also expect tall women to also have huge feet).
The heel of the foot is now halfway up my calf while the waist is just a fraction above my hips. I did consider taking them back to the store and coming to work with bare legs since my skirt is long and it is quite mild today. However, contrary to my usual habit of putting new tights away in their cardboard wrapper, this time, in a fit of tidiness/insanity/absentmindedness (pick one) I threw all the wrappers away. I guess they will be washed and passed on to my youngest sister, if she is interested, tho' they may even be a bit short for her.

On another note, it is foggy out and the hoar frost is lovely. I would take a picture but I don't think there is enough contrast between the frost and the gray sky. Another time.


  1. Tights of the wrong size are one of my biggest frustrations in life. What woman has not had the uncomfortable feeling of her tights going south while in a public place and not being able to adjust them without looking really bizarre and frankly creepy. Argh, I feel your pain.

  2. Hey

    I work for a company called Long Tall Sally (, and we specialise in clothing for tall women, so I am only too aware of the issues that tall women face. Tights are quite often something that are overlooked by retailers too.

    I've found a few sites that are fantastic resources for tall women and may help you in finding some tights that fit. We also stock specially made "tall" tights:

    I hope that helps!

    Beth (LTS) x