Saturday, 15 December 2007

The Start

I have been toying with the idea of a blog for a while now. I didn't actually get to the point of doing anything as I have a rather poor memory and forget things.

I suspect I am trying to avoid other things. Like making N3's puppy pillow; or sewing Miss S's little cape; or the draft blocking curtains for the living room. Christmas is 10 days away.

It might also be a venue for me to rant so The Geek does not have to listen, especially since I go on said rants fairly early (on her clock, not mine) in the day.

Last Saturday's topic was non-observant people. The sidewalk can be shovelled down to the concrete. The bottom two steps leading to the front door are cleared and the rest are covered in snow and people climb the stairs to put something on the door latch. Then if they were to fall and hurt themselves, they could sue the homeowner (in this case, The Geek) for not maintaining the stairs. Gah!!

I said I should make a sign that blocks the stairs telling people to use the back door (they apparently can't see the one that is currently attached to the door).

So, while I unpacked more boxes, The Geek made this...

I think it should be noticed.


  1. Dale, so glad to see you now have a blog, hooray, another person to blog stalk/lurk!

    Tina, nice sign, let's hope people are now informed and smart enough to use the back door.