Sunday, 2 November 2014

Extreme Pruning

Apple Tree before

 We had the apple tree and a very sick cottonwood tree removed on Thursday.
Cottonwood before.

Not at all healthy.
 The cottonwood was very diseased and rotten and it was unlikely it would survive the winter. When (not if) it went down, it had the potential to take the telephone and hydro lines as well as one of the three garages immediately adjacent.

 The tree removers came...

... and removed in stages...

 ...both trees.
The forked tree on the right is in danger.
 One forked oak in the front is starting to split as well and may fall. We are consulting an arborist to see if it can be splinted somehow. We are very partial to those oaks.
A long rod is inserted to prevent splitting.
  A long rod was inserted between these two forks to keep them from splitting further.


There is a pile of firewood from the cottonwood alone.

Very large fungus
A very unwell tree indeed.
Former ant habitat

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