Sunday, 9 January 2011

Back to the Drawing Board

The expanding foam continued to do its job overnight, resulting in this rather alarming site when I went downstairs this morning. Nylon and lycra do not contain expanding foam well.
I had to have my head re-wrapped since my first shell didn't work out.
Packing tape works much better than masking tape because it sticks to itself and the nylon better.

The two shell are ready for the second trial.
We acquired some balloons for this set. The Geek found it hard to release the buildup of air inside the balloons without letting the foam escape.

Finally both are ready and are left laying on their 'faces'.
We put a box over top of both shell/ball0on combinations, in the event they exploded. We didn't want the Geek's playroom to wind up textured.
Stay tuned.

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