Monday, 11 October 2010

It's Not Even Garbage Eve!

On the way to supper at the Peartree's, the Geek noticed something out of the window and I had to stop so she could investigate.
She had noticed a lathe on the side of the street in, what would be the 'not needed' spot were it on street. She had a peek and knocked on the door of the house, but no one answered. We continued on our way so she could ask Mr P. about the give-away culture in their neighbourhood.

She ended up leaving a note in the owner's mailbox, and brought the lathe to the Peartree's on their wagon.

The motor needed to be tightened down, and the says the cutter angle is a little off, but other than that, it works well. The rust on the shaft is easy to deal with.She, of course, is tickled that she has a lathe.
And a free one at that.

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